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Best Practices In Preventing Physical Damage To A Sight Glass

Best Practices In Preventing Physical Damage To A Sight Glass

However unlikely the possibility may seem, sight glasses (also called level glasses) do suffer physical damage, also referred to as mechanical damage, from time to time.

Fortunately, by using these four best practices, you can easily avoid scenarios where an external force or pressure could lead to a crack or break in the sight glass. 

But first, let’s talk about the likelihood of your sight glass undergoing physical damage, and why it’s important to always be prepared.


How Likely Is Physical Damage To A Sight Glass?

As you’ll soon see, physical damage to a sight glass while it’s secure in the gauge is not very likely. That’s because sight glass, at least the kind we sell at Zight, is manufactured to meet international industry standards of pressure resistance, tensile strength, chemical resistance, and other important factors of safety and function. 

For example, our tempered sight glass and borosilicate sight glass are manufactured in adherence to DIN 7080, the industry standard for this type of product. DIN ensures high quality metrics in the areas we just mentioned.

Similarly, our reflex glass and transparent glass are manufactured according to DIN 7081, which guarantees excellent quality for these products, as well. 

As long as you perform proper maintenance and regular replacements of your sight glass and use products like Zight that adhere to industry standards, you shouldn’t experience any problems, barring a freak accident. 

Make no mistake, though. This is not an area to take lightly. Accidents do happen, and they always seem to happen when you’re not prepared for it. 

That’s why it’s important to implement the following best practices for all types of sight glass, whether it’s a transparent glass, a reflex glass, or a borosilicate sight glass. If you don’t, that’s when you’re more likely to see physical damage occur.

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